1st Wednesday Event

Wednesday, November 6th at 6:00 pm.

Homelessness is a REAL ISSUE . Those who experience homelessness are REAL PEOPLE. The challenges and nature of HOMELESSNESS in Ramsey County IS REAL.

EMMA NORTON is a non-profit in St. Paul serving the women and families for whom the challenge of homelessness is all too real. (It’s roots and relationship is with the United Methodist Church)

Join us Wednesday Nov. 6th from 6-7pm for a meal and Community Forum with the Executive & Advancement Directors of Emma Norton. Together we will learn the tangible ways women and families experiencing homelessness are finding their journey home AND the practical ways we can engage in the ongoing work of alleviating the trauma and challenges of homelessness on this side of the river.

**Important Note: Much in the world of Emma Norton and the challenges of homelessness in the city has shifted over the past 5-7 years. For those who have had interaction with Emma Norton in the past, your presence at this forum will provide you with the opportunity to renew your knowledge on their work and services, as well as the shifting nature of homelessness in our city.

5399 Geneva Ave N, Oakdale, MN  55128

651-773-9397 www.silverlakeunitedmethodist.org

This is a FREE Event open to all in our community!