1st Wednesday Event

Wednesday, May 1st at 6:00 pm. Join us for a meal and then hear from our guest speaker.

As we continue our theme of social justice for our 1st Wednesday events, we welcome Sue Watlov Phillips from MICAH.

MICAH envisions a metropolitan area where everyone, without exception, has a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home.

Who is MICAH?

We are Faith leaders, housing advocates and affordable housing developers. Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing (MICAH) was founded in 1988 in response to an accelerating homeless crisis. Our strength comes from bringing together people of faith to act on their values to support affordable housing, undo racism and build regional equity.

What does MICAH do?

MICAH works with congregations, faith leaders, and community partners to increase awareness and understanding the need for affordable housing. This creates advocates who fight for changes in public policies to encourage all communities to preserve and build affordable housing. Through MICAH, congregational leaders and faith leaders, build relationships and organize within their congregations, community and region. These relationships, within a strategic framework, generate the power, commitment, and action that creates the political will to realize our vision.

Free and open to our community. Invite friends, neighbors and family!