Book Club

September 12, 2020  1:30 pm   Oakdale Park, off of Granada. North end near the tennis courts. 

Kings Blood Royal   by Sinclair Lewis                       

A story that deals with a successful white man who well into his life discovers that he is part black, quite a controversial subject for 1947. A very honest and masterful tale of a man trying to connect with his “blackness” and the society and heritage to which he belongs, including insights into the racism of the time and the relationships between blacks and whites. 

October 3, 2020   1:30 pm   location TBD 

The Sand Country Almanac  by Aldo Leopold        

The environmental classic that redefined the way we think about the natural world—an urgent call for preservation that’s more timely than ever. 

“We can place this book on the shelf that holds the writings of Thoreau and John Muir.”—San Francisco Chronicle

These astonishing portraits of the natural world explore the breathtaking diversity of the unspoiled American landscape—the mountains and the prairies, the deserts and the coastlines. Conjuring up one extraordinary vision after another, Aldo Leopold takes readers with him on the road and through the seasons on a fantastic tour of our priceless natural resources, explaining the destructive effects humankind has had on the land and issuing a bold challenge to protect the world we love.