Notes from Pastor Mary

January 2017

Note from Pastor Mary:

This picture was taken at my favorite place, Battle Creek Dog Park. Every day of every week, in below zero bluster and in hot humid wilting weather, my dogs and I start our day here. They chase squirrels, roll in stinky stuff and greet their friends. I do other things, like talking with humans and laughing at dog antics. Every day is the same and yet different. Every day begins with commitment to routine and yet holds promise of newness.

The path you see above is not a main thoroughfare; rather it’s a narrow, steep climb into the center of the park. To walk this path is to go deeper into the heart of the woods. It is more solitary and a greater challenge.

For me, the spiritual life is like this path — an invitation to go deeper.

At Silver Lake United Methodist Church we hold some things in common with the dog park. We have wonderful inroads into places of depth and beauty. We don’t always take them; nevertheless, the depths are a part of us. We are social and musical and we care about the world around us. We study and sing and pray and play bells and knit scarves and hats for children that need them. We deliver meals to the chronically ill through our partnership with Open Arms of Minnesota and we host jigsaw puzzle contests just for fun. We have an alliance with a local school — Richardson Elementary and send volunteers into the classrooms.

My own call to ministry was a call to greater depth and purpose in life. Ministry is my second career, and I bring my life experience to this work. I have a heart for the poor and the mentally ill. I have ties to the GLBTQ community and long for justice and equality for all people. I also have experience with and ties to the recovery community.

Silver Lake has been exploring new ways to reach our local communities, and a highlight of 2016 was a blessing of pets at the North Saint Paul History Cruze Car Show. We will repeat this in 2017!

If you come to visit us on any Sunday morning, you will be offered some food for thought, hopefully some humor, followed by decent coffee and conversation. Maybe you will join us as we look for ways to live lives with meaning and purpose. We’re pretty good company…

photo by Becky Schauer